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Items are shipped every Tuesday and you will receive the tracking when its on the way! Please allow up to10 business days for your item to arrive.


Each item is hand made on pre-loved clothing... perfect in its imperfections. 

When you support STOP MEN you are a part of the community, spreading resistance, and mutual aid. Please note that because a large portion of the money is donated, we can not offer exchanges or returns at this time, so make sure you love it when you purchase! 


40% from every STOP MEN clothing item sale will go to a organization that serves Black/Brown/Trans communities, with a new one rotating in and out every few months. The current non-profit/mutual aids that benefit from these clothing sales will be shared on the @We_Will_All_Be_Well Instagram account. New clothing drops on Mondays, stay tuned to our IG for updates! 


it is our duty to fight for our freedom.

it is our duty to win. 

we must love eachother and support eachother.

we have nothing to lose but our chains.

                        - assata shakur