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BY Xara Thustra

500 pg, full color Book ..

**(book costs $20 to ship internationally)



"Feed the people! SF STOPS WARS. STOP MEN. Hard-working, self-schooled, tireless artist/activist Xara Thustra [rules] 2-D, performance, drums, video. Manhaters, Love Warz AND the annual Calendar. HEART 101. All for FREE! Unbelievable." 
– Xylor Jane

"Thustra's art fills me with a crazy unhinged joy. It makes you want to do something joyful and spectacular and very illegal. I would like to think that my heart looks something like this, and yours too." 
– Michelle Tea

"I have always been inspired by the creativity of Xara. It is always 100 percent care. One of my favorite artists that I met in SF. Making things to make people think and with so much concern. This book about creative ritual and meditation toward making things better is a good gesture in the Left direction. A non text book, but in the school of life." 
– Chris Johanson

"Like an invisible giant, silently stalking our city, converting it's ever-more-boring facade into an impassioned, beautiful call to arms, revolution, and to love. Xara has created an incredible genre and gender busting body of work. This is the freak flag flying high." 
– Bill Daniel


Both an activist and artist, and a key player in San Francisco’s “Mission School” (alongside Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen and Chris Johanson), Xara Thustra has been pushing the envelope socially and artistically for 15-plus years in San Francisco. Thustra’s ever-evolving creative media have included graffiti, screenprinted posters, calendars, murals, paintings, video, music, performance and protest. Socially, Thustra has been responsible for anti-war actions, gay activism, feeding the hungry, anti-capitalist actions, squats such as 949 Market and much more. This handsome 500-page book surveys Thustra’s work, with cameos from Xylor Jane, Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, Emory Douglas, Erica Lyle, Kyle Ranson, Ivy Jean, Sy Loady and a cast of other San Francisco punks, artists, queers and activists. Friendship Between Artists Is an Equation of Love and Survival overflows with life, salvaging from oblivion the raw, visceral feel of 15 years of ephemeral underground freedom.

Book and a sticker

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