STOP MEN Mutual Aid  #STMA FAQ :  


How does STOP MEN Mutual Aid (STMA) work?  


 StopMen Mutual Aid is a collection of one-of-kind, hand-printed works. NEW items and looks are released multiple times each month. 

 There are discount codes described bellow and tipping in shipping field is required for some! all items are priced as low as possible to promote this community message STOP MEN.

 All sales of each item: 50% to the Honoree and 50% to STOP MEN 100% of shipping tips goes to Honoree. choose tips in check out.

 A $40 item is split 20$ to the honoree and $20 to the store. and so on. Money goes to..

  1. A monthly honoree who is in need of support. Introduced to you via @we_will_all_be_well IG and stop men on tictok

  2.  Employed person in the store surviving in this capitalist system who manages the web shop and ships all items 

  3. Reimbursing print production and material cost



There two categories of payment: 


  1.   You are a Stop Men of Mutual Recipient  

  2.   Or your Everyone Else     

 1.  You are an STOP MEN Mutual Aid Recipient if you can check THREE or more boxes below:  

 (  )  Black

 (  )  Indigenous

 (  )  Non-binary 

 (  )  Trans

 (  )  Queer

 (  )  Broke

 (  )  Disabled / Differently abled 

 (  )  Women 

 (  )  Poor

 (  )  Undocumented 

 (  )  Faces Body Discrimination


if you have checked three boxes. YOU ARE A STMA RECIPIENT!! You receive 50% off all orders.  

Minimum order is $40 - we can't ship for $20.

free shipping for STMA recipients starts at $40. You still can tip the Honoree in the shipping field at check out.

100% of all shipping costs goes to the honoree so TIPPPP if you can. 

Use discount code: STOPMENLOVESYOU at checkout for your 50% off all clothes 

  2. Everyone else 

pricing is as follows: 

 $40 per item

 $60 Looks 

 $80 Looks 

 $120 Looks


Buying Books and Magazines and stickers and prints and paintings

helps support the operation of this store out for sure! 

 $40 book plus 25 stickers

 $40 magazine plus 25 stickers

 $40 twin mini books plus 25 stickers

 $60 monthly art poster 1/18 plus 25 stickers

 $10 fabric swatch   


Our goal is to get clothes to people, be supportive to people we love, create a public

conversation, create power in unity, help create a greater network of support and identification

between one another, and end all male leadership. Please use your discount code, please donate 

tip what you can in the shipping at checkout, and if you're feeling the support please

help promote by taking evil, sincere, goth,kool, super cool photos



Once a Monthish STOPMEN gives out $100 to the best Photo of The Month Contest!!

Send your photo to lise, by dm-ing @we_wil_all_be_well or post photos to




Stop Men supports the reselling of all Stop Men clothes, cutting up any Stop Men pieces, wearing them

backwards or upside down, turning a sweatshirt or T-shirt into a crop top, creating new pieces

from Stop Men clothes in any way possible. Stop Men supports anyone who wants to speak

about or create with StopMen, feel free to use the phrase, we don't own words. We do ask,

if possible, to refrain from stating what Stop Men IS, please don't define Stop men beyond

what it means to you. We will not police anyone on this subject, we don't have the time or

interest to do that. Please de-center us as Stopmen and instead create your own Stopmen world.

We are very serious in our intentions and have many interviews and statements searchable on

the web. Antics, performances, creative statements, memes, we invite and support anyone

to play with Stop Men and what it means to you. While doing so, please be conscious and intentional

with the space you are taking up. 

How can I Help promote STOP MEN Mutual Aid?  

Stopmen clothes are meant to be performative, assertive and or non-engaging STOPMEN is a no nonsense street wear. DM us if you have anything to say about the subject, we love posting other people's words and experiences wearing Stopmen. Send pics and tag us @we_will_all_be_well, use #STOPMEN #STOPMENMUTUALAID, and tell friends.


How does the shipping donation work? ​​​​​

Donations/Shipping fees

 In an effort to make prices as low as possible, the choice of the amount of shipping you pay goes

directly to the Honoree!  If you choose to pay $100 in shipping $100 goes directly to the Honoree.

We suggest a minimum of $20 in shipping you get free stickers and swag. Free is an option, only if NEEDED its on the Honor system, we're happy to

ship out single items for $40 free shipping.but Tips us thru your donations to the Honoree. Show your appreciation 

for the work and the art thru your donation/shipping fees that all go to the Honoree. please pay

what you can in shipping.


 ALL cis white men and MEN of means must pay $120 shipping to receive these clothes. We

appreciate you &  your support for real THKU but this is real share your recourses and prioritize vast community,

this $120 shipping cost is required ! $120 for shipping is required 

IF you can not check Two Boxes Above in the STMA RECIPIENT field, it means you're a super

supporter. Thank you we encourage people to ask and clarify on the street if any wearer of StopMen did in fact

pay there $120 if it seems appropriate and if you feel like it.  



 All shipping costs are direct tips to the Honoree shipping is payed by StopMen. all tips get stickers and swag gifts.

So in the shipping field at check out The shipping/donation choices are: 

Donation to Honoree $500: OH SNAP a Big Fish is on the line!!! You're doing big things for the community Thank You!

Donation to Honoree $250: Life is good! Showing out for the people. Thank You!

Donation to Honoree $100 : Life is good! Thank You, appreciate you!

Donation to Honoree $80 : It goes alonnng way, Thank You!

Donation to Honoree $60 : Showing support where its needed and we appreciate you! <3 Thank You!

Donation to Honoree $40 : You're an Angel, Thank You!  

STMA SUPPORTER MINIMUM $20 : The minimum (This is important for us to reach are goals to the Honoree) Thank You we appreciate you!


STMA Recipient Free shipping : No Donation. 

  How do I know if my order has shipped?  

You will get an email confirmation when your order is on the way. Please use the tracking that will be sent with your confirmation to monitor your package. We mail out clothes every Tuesday. 

  How long does shipping take?  

All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. After your order is received and packaged, it is shipped and usually arrives within 2-4 business days (1-3 days in the Bay Area). Please keep in mind that since we ship on Tuesday, your items will not ship out until the Tuesday after your order. 

  What if the clothing I ordered doesn't fit?  

Check all measurements carefully before ordering. Measure similar garments you own to ensure it will fit. Make sure you love the piece you buy and that if it doesn't work for you, you are happy to pass it on to a friend or donate. Because this a mutual aid program and each item is one of a kind, we do not do exchanges, returns, or refunds. Once you buy it you buy it!  Thank you for you understanding and taking a risk.

  What if don't get my package?   

 We can not be responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please monitor the tracking number you receive to get your package as soon as its been delivered, especially if its delivered to an unsecured area, to ensure it is not picked up by someone else. Because every order is shipped via USPS Priority, it has $50 insurance built in. Please follow up with USPS to track a lost package, get insurance, or find out more. 

 Can I send you my own clothes to print ?


We aren't set up to take commission requests so we evaluate them on the basis of the project. If you have an everyday item you want STOPMEN on, you can DIY it, there are Stopmen fabric swatches in the shop. All serious commission requests are evaluated on the basis of size, scope, bugget, and purpose, please email We love printing special gear for bands, special occasions, projects and instances of unique and needed support. If you would like to use Stopmen clothes for your project or event, write to us, describe it. 

 How do I get in touch with you to ask a question or tell you something? 


 We generally don’t answer questions or write back with any regularity, This FAQ page answers most questions.  

Thank you!