**To request a custom jewelry commission please contact me about availability. I am often abroad/ traveling for art projects// I make a living as a working artist. Jewelry making is important to me but is also my side passion that takes side car to my larger art practice. I will most always be able to make you your dream piece..... in time. so holler at me about your dreams.

Information I will need from you ....
- what would you like? earrings? necklace? a set? some oter kind of wearable piece? have another idea?
If there is a design you have in mind, length and any other helpful info let me know. Type of hooks or clasp you prefer.
- What is the budget you are working with? (which will determine the complexity, size and materials used in your piece)
- A list of colors you are attracted to or would like your piece to follow
- A list of materials you are attracted to (as in stones, coral, bone, wood, shell, fillagree, tassels, trade beads, glass... anything really, because I probably have or can find some).
- metal?- copper, brass, gold, silver, bronze
- and if you are looking for gauged earrings also let me know that as well... I currently have a few tops made.

for ideas you can look at either the JEWELRY ARCHIVE on the gallery section of the site or my FLICKR set of past jewelry ...

------> to send inquiries you can fill in the message box or shoot me an instagram message ( __moreferalthan__ ) or  e-mail to