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**To request a custom jewelry commission please contact me about availability. I am often abroad/ traveling for art projects// I make a living as a working artist. Jewelry making is an important ritual to me but is also takes side car to my larger art practice. I will most always be able to make you your dream piece..... in time. so holler at me about your dreams.

Information I will need from you ....
- what would you like? earrings? necklace? a set? some oter kind of wearable piece? have another idea?
If there is a design you have in mind, length and any other helpful info let me know. Type of hooks or clasp you prefer.
- What is the budget you are working with? (which will determine the complexity, size and materials used in your piece)
- A list of colors you are attracted to or would like your piece to follow
- A list of materials you are attracted to (as in stones, coral, bone, wood, shell, fillagree, tassels, trade beads, glass... anything really, because I probably have or can find some).
- metal?- copper, brass, gold, silver, bronze
- and if you are looking for gauged earrings also let me know that as well... I currently have a good variety of  tops made in Brass, antiqued brass, copper and silver- each in small medium and large)

for ideas you can look at either the JEWELRY ARCHIVE in the gallery section of the site or my FLICKR set of past jewelry ...
 *** I recomend you take screenshots of deigns or elements of my designs you like to send along with your ideas, as it will help me to shape your dream pieces. 


------> to send inquiries you can shoot me an instagram message (__moreferalthan__ ) or  e-mail to


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