This set is being RAFFELED off via direct donations to Henri Etta,  Adahlia, and Jamilla's cancer treatment funds. 


Hand beaded diamond pendant, dalmation jasper, lava rock, hand painted black clay beads, black glass disk, vintage sequins, african sand cast snake beads, vintage oil slick glass bars, faceted resin beads, angelite, black coral stick, amazonite, lapis, pyrite, dyed coconut disks, hematite, blue apatite, vintage stamped chain links, brass bar, copper hooks, copper chain tassel. 


necklace is adjustable and hangs -  12"- 13 1/2"

earrings hang 7" long

All jewelry is one of a kind and made with love. 


This set is being RAFFELED off via direct donations to Supporting Henri's breast cancer treatment fund and Adahlia's Double Mastectomy Fund 

 Check @__moreferalthan__ on instagram on how to enter.


Jades fund-
Recently, Henri Etta Fair, the wonderful mother of Jade Fair was diagnosed with breast cancer. Henri is turning 70 this year and is a single parent to her only child Jade.  Currently Henri is preparing for a single mastectomy on March 12th followed by a two week recovery time and at least 3 rounds of chemo. 

Jade will be forgoing full-time employment to move in and be the primary caretaker for her mother over the coming months. This beautiful family of two are going to need our support and all funds will go towards Henri's cancer treatment and maintining both of their wellness in this climate.



Adahlia's Fund- 

My friend Adahlia Cole, has been diagnosed with a rare, breast cancer causing gene mutation called BRCA1. The recommended course of treatment is a prophylactic double mastectomy before the age of 35, which would reduce her risk of breast cancer in the upcoming years from 87% to less than 5%. Unfortunately, this necessary surgery comes with a huge risk of Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome from the nerve destruction that takes place. There is one US surgeon (San Francisco’s Dr. Anne Peled) who is doing ground breaking prophylactic mastectomies that preserve sensation using cadaver nerve grafting which would significantly reduce the likelihood of life degrading, long lasting post-surgical pain. Disturbingly, Adahlia’s insurance has decided that sparing her from a life a nerve pain is not worth covering an out of network surgeon, despite it being the best possible option for her quality of existence.


Jamila Brain surgery Recovery Fund-

Jamila (Jamie) underwent emergency brain surgery at the end of June. After suffering intense migraines for over a week and temporarily losing the ability to use her hands she checked herself into the hospital and found out she was suffering from a brain tumor 7 centimeters in size. This was terrifying news to receive, especially since hospitals have banned most visitors due to the global pandemic and she had to go through most of this process alone. No one should have to go through this process alone. The majority of the tumor has been successfully removed and she is on the path to recovery but still has follow up treatments and physical therapy. 

Yet on top of this difficult news and returning home after a 2 week stay at the hospital, her landlords illegally and forcefully evicted her and her 8 roommates  by changing the locks, putting their belongings on the street and moving into the apartment and harassing the tenants. Although she is safe and currently out of the house, she remains in the process of looking for a new place to live to help her recover.

We are raising funds to cover:

-Jamila's hospital bills, which her insurance has not yet discussed coverage;
-Any further medical treatments that are needed;
-Rent and a security deposit for a new place to live where she can safely recover;
-Basic living expenses for the rest of the year (until January) as Jamila/Jamie is unable to work currently and won't be returning to work for the indefinite future $2500 rent + utils x 6 months = $15,000.

We love Jamila/Jamie and want to help her heal and be as comfortable and supported as possible through this extremely hard time. She is loved by so many people and is an integral part of our community. Please share and support <3

Henri Etta, Jamila & Adahlia's cancer funds set