This set is being RAFFLED off via direct donations to 
The House of Tulip & For the Gworls
abalone, amazonite, angelite, dalmation jasper, vintage matte black glass rods, miyuki seed beads, mother of pearl, copper, coral glass, african trade beads, faux pearls, coated metal bars, celinite, neon orange vintage beads, wrapped paper beads, indian metal chain necklace with matching additions 
necklance hangs 11 1/2" long 
earrings hang 8" long
This set is being RAFFLED off via direct donations to The House of Tulip and For The Gworls. I will also be accepting entries for this set via direct donation reciepts to any Trans BIPOC  in need. 
Check @__moreferalthan__ on instagram on how to enter.
For the Gworls- 
For the Gworls’ Rent and Gender-Affirming Surgery Fund accepts applications from Black, transgender people nationwide. With this fund, we actively fight to reduce homelessness rates in the Black transgender community, as well as lower the risk for affirmative surgeries being done in ways that put them at greater health risks. Now more than ever, this work is especially important considering that many Black transgender people are being laid off in absurdly high numbers, which is only exacerbating the already terrible conditions that Black transgender people generally live in.
For The Gworls organization continues to grow and expand its mission of serving the Black transgender community — many of whom are artists — in by helping pay them to pay their rent, medical bills, and gender-affirming surgeries.
House of Tulip- 
House of Tulip is a nonprofit collective creating housing solutions for TGNC people in Louisiana.
Our Vision

House of Tulip// For the Gworls set